Unit Test on Flowers

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Unit Test on Flowers

Multiple Choices (5 points each). Circle the correct letter to complete the sentence.

  1.  Anther is the part the plant that
    1.  Is yellow grains  b.  are the colorful leaves c.  the main body of a plant  d.  the part of the stamen that holds pollen.
    2. Petals are what part of the flower?
      1. leaf-like segments  b.  colorful leaves  c.  yellow grains  d.  flattened structure of a plant.
      2. The part of the flower that holds the flowers eggs is called
        1. stigma  b.  stamen  c .petal  d. pistil
        2.  The main body of a plant or a flower is called
        3. pistil  b. stamen  c. stem  d. petal

True or false (5 points each).  Underline true if the statement is true and false is the statement is false.

  1.  The leaf is  the flattened structure of a plant, which can grow above or below the ground.

True or False

  1. The powdery substance of the flower is called the petal.  True or False
  2. Filament is the threadlike substance found in plant structures.  True or False
  3. The tip of the female part of a flower is called the stigma.  True or False

Matching (5 points each).  Draw a line from the word in column A to the correct definition in column B.

A                                                           B

  1.  Flower                               a.  a flattened structure of a higher plant
  2. Petal                                   b. yellow, powdery grains discharged from the male

part of the flower

  1. Pollen                                c.   male part of the flower which contain the anther and


  1. Leaf                                   d.  the seed bearing part of the plant which consists of

male and female parts

  1.  Stamen                             e.  segment part of the flower which have leaves and can be



Essay (35 points)

Explain how a flower is pollinated.  Watch your spelling; don’t forget your punctuation and capitalization at the beginning of the complete sentence.










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