Unit Study on Flowers

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Subject:  Science

Grade:  3rd

Duration:   1 week / 45 minutes

Objectives:  Students will identify parts of  a flow.  Students will List parts of a flower.  Students  will recall parts of flower.

Materials:   Egg cartons, soil, water, seeds, notebook, K-W-L sheets, diagram of flower , The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and The Cycle of a Flower by Molly Aloian and Bobbie Kalman.

Standards:  Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics of a living organism (LS1), life cycles of an organism (LS2) and organisms and environment LS3).


Day 1

  1.  Draw a K-W-L chart on chart paper.
  2. Students will help teacher fill in the 1st column (K).
  3. Students will copy this chart in notebook, filling in the 1st column.
  4. After filling in the 1st column, read the book “The Cycle of a Flower” .
  5. Students will plant seeds using materials listed above.
  6. Students will copy vocabulary words (pistil, stamen, stem, leaf, petal , pollen, flower, anther, filament, stigma and style)


Students will write each science vocabulary word 5 times each.

Day 2

  1.  Students will copy a drawing of the picture of the flower from chart paper.
  2. Students will list the parts of the flower
  3. Students will help the teacher fill in the 2nd column (W), then write this information in their notebooks.


Students will copy definition and parts of speech for each science vocabulary word.

Day 3

  1.  Students will examine the flowers handed out in class.
  2. Students will glue the flower onto construction and label each part of the flower.
  3. Students will check for any growth of their individual flowers.


Students will write complete 2 sentences for each science vocabulary word.  One declarative sentence ending with a period and one interrogative sentence ending with a question mark.

Day 4

  1.  Student will help teacher complete the 3rd column (L) of the KWL chart.
  2. Students will fill in the diagram of a flower and color the diagram


Students will write an imaginary story using all of the science vocabulary words and study for test.

Day 5

  1.  Students will correctly spelling the science vocabulary words and complete a 7 matching column test.  Students will check for any growth of their individual flowers.
  2. Students will add vocabulary words any flower growth in their journal (they can draw it or write).
  3. Students can choose to take their plants home or leave them in class, but their growth must be checked daily and recorded in their journal.



Handout #1 / K-W-L Chart



K(what you know)                   W(what you want to know)                L(what you learned)












Aloian,  M & Kalman, B. (2004). The Cycle of a Flower.  New York, NY: Crabtree Publishing Co.

Carle, E. (2009). The Tiny Seed.  New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Children’s  Publishing Co.

Kubiszyn, T & Borich, G. (2010). Educational Testing and Measurement:  Classroom Application and

     Practice (9th ed).  Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.






























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